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About Us

This web site is totally FREE to use, and is a friendly, caring and supportive online community for the over 60s to keep in touch.
Barbara B says  "Until DropBy I could go a whole week without speaking, in fact sometimes, when I went to answer the phone to my friend, every Saturday evening, I found I had lost my voice."
John C says "Just signed up to DropBy and joined the music appreciation group. Some good videos on here. I think the site is great."
Brenda M says "I have found such nice people to talk to on here, it really is a life saver."

DropBy's mission is to work to help reduce isolation amongst the over 60s. It is increasingly  recognised that social isolation is a key factor in limiting good health and well-being.

The dividing line between being alone and feeling lonely is a very narrow one. It helps to know there are other like-minded people available to chat with, who can be reached online by a few clicks.

DropBy uses web technology to provide a safe, secure and enabling space for older people to engage with each other. Our focus is on 'keeping in touch' and 'having fun' so the website is designed to encourage interaction with 'virtual' friends and interest groups online. It is easy-to-use and every member is valued and encouraged to contribute and play a part in our 'virtual' community. You can also enjoy the Games Room, keep up with relevant News and discuss general issues of concern.

All new members are approved which provides an added layer of security. We are sure you will understand the need for this and it takes less than 24 hours for a request for membership to be processed.

Members send each other virtual 'waves' and online hugs. If anyone is feeling alone or lonely and wants to chat they can instant message another member online or make audio or video contact through the website without the need to download software. 

DropBy believes in encouraging its members to keep active both mentally and physically and arranges 'virtual' and real events whenever possible.
Our vision is that there will be a strong social care aspect to the site

If you would like to help us in our efforts to provide a service of support for older people, keeping people in touch, helping to remove any sense of isolation and also to give older people a stronger voice, please spread the word about DropBy. Do join our supportive online community or make a donation to help keep the website running and reaching more isolated people.  

Thank You in anticipation of your support.

My Best wishes, MaryB - Founder of DropBy

Darren W Strategy and Communications Manager for Veneratio, Kent " The charity Veneratio is about better integrating older people within society, mainly at a practical, local and face to face level. DropBy is a great idea which complements what we do by providing a safe online platform for older people to connect locally and across the UK. It can also lead to the local and face to face, friendly and supportive contact between people that we are working to promote. We wish DropBy every success."   

  The Mayor of Waverley's Crest

DropBy was Supported by the Mayor of Waverley 2012/2013  

DropBy is a small charity working to end isolation.
DropBy Limited is registered in England and Wales Company No.7184385.
Our Registered address is Manor Lodge, Upper Manor Road, Godalming, Surrey GU7 2HZ

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