Jun 20th


By phillip J W

June seems to have been so very quiet on here - & yet I thought it was simply because I couldn't get on to say anything!  

Some time very early in the month I seemed to get myself locked out & have only just managed to get back in by changing my pass word.  

Technology has always managed to baffel me; usually because I posess a rather obscure logic, but having managed to sign-in again - as I say, no one apperes to be 'around to play.'  

Nice to know I can get back in though!

May 2nd

A Blog of little...

By phillip J W

...Joy but much teaching !

We had  built a timber frame outside our french window for a grape vine to grow on.

It has done well, but then we desided if we places a translusent roof on it it would amplify the warmth whilst keepig it a dry place to sit.

We bought the roofing - & thought...

And eventually last Saturday it was dry & windless & we gave it a go.   All essential cross-beams in place we had lunch;  then after a short digesting rest we began again.

I climbed my ladder & was just screwing in the first piece of the covering when the ladder slid in one direction - & I in the other.

My head met-up with the edge of a stone step & my hip & elbows encountered the sand stone paving... Very hard !  

Ambulance,  big strong paramedics, A & E.

then around 11.40pm I was discharged.


My good GP says I will take a while to feel better - & longer to mend, & at 71-years not to go climbing ladders !  I ache!

Apr 14th

North East Up-Date.

By phillip J W

It seems so long since I first met you people on this site ["Met" in the sense of an action to comunicat on a web site, that is,]  & so I quite understand if many of you have forgoten me, but I thought I would bring you up to date.

Haveing posted my pictures on here I know you will see my general subject matter.  Well after much badgering from relatives & cadgoling from friends I am putting together a small exhibition of my photographs locally in the Tyne Valley. 

Currently I am sounding-out processing houses who can print & mount my work for display at an ecenomic rate & looking at venues who are interested in a display.   I am not expecting sales of prints, but should anyone, on seeing a picture, wish to buy then I have to step into a whole new field again.  

Anyway - early days still.If this idea ever gets off the ground I will mention a date & address for the few of us who live in the North of this beautiful land of ours.

Jan 4th


By phillip J W

Well hallo all !

I've probably not ventured along here in quite a while, sorry.

...What with one thing & another I've been kind-of busy, in a day-dreaming-retired-person kind of way

but this morning I thought, being as how it is early January, I ought to mention how the sun crawls desperately low behind the trees up the bank [I don’t expect it to rise above the roofs of the Front St shops today] - & yet it is a warm encouraging sunshine.

This neck of my particular woods isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I have taken it up as Home.  

It's how I go forward this year.

I hope your year is happy. 

Dec 23rd

Hallo All...

By phillip J W

...May I wish everyone here a very happy Christmas from up here on the bank of the River Tyne.


Jul 2nd

I thought I might...

By phillip J W

...try & paint you a word picture of the Tyne Valley today.  Remember it is early July, & last year at this time had been the hottest day on record in some places - reaching 32c I believe.


Well up here on my side of the Tyne today, we are in the rare position of being sheltered from a strong, blustering south westerly, funneling down the valley.Our hedges may be bending & our shrubs, fruit bushes & vines my be 'blustering', but where I sit, in a patch of sunshine on our terrace it is warm.  


Because of a wonderful combination of football & tennise other people are not outside, [& therefore needing the comfort of there pop music.] The hills across the valley to the north of me are a patchwork of fields - some almost completly lost their yellow rape seed, some like corduroy patches - but again some shaded by small clumps of cloud.Rain is ever threatening in brief heavy showers  As a tuber playing friend of mine remarked up in the Front St thismorning,"By!  S'nought to write home about for the Matfan Village Fair th'day, man!"...& for an outdoor event I think he may have been right, but just here, on our terrace it is fine!


Jun 3rd


By phillip J W

Oh Joy unbounded!

Today it has been announced 

that M & S are to stop

their attempt to follow inane fashon trends & will NO LONGER play back ground "Muzac" in their shops!

Apr 22nd


By phillip J W

Be silly - have fun.

Love people who treart you correctly;

Forget the ones who don't.

Regret nothing.

Believe everything hapens for a purpose 


Seek that purpose.

Apr 11th


By phillip J W

Staying a few days down here at Naphill.

I'd quite forgoten how desperatly devoide you are of rolling hills & the occasional minor mountain, down here! Why, it's almost like the Fenns!

You do appear to have sunshine on the odd ocasion, but for sceenic fluctuation I'll have to look really hard.

...Oh I'll admit I'm marginally influenced by the back-drop of Mother & Daughter dueling, but even as a chosen 'Cane & cloak holder'  for the bouts I thought I'd have opotunity for setting up my tripod & camera on the odd occasion! 

This trip South was origenally so that I could attend an aniversery event of a choir I was with 11-years back, but at the rate the "Family" atmosphear is building, I think I'd much prefer to be out on my beloved Northumberland Moors in an easterly gale !




Feb 11th

February etc.

By phillip J W

The wind has swung & I was watching a formation of ducks flying up the valley this morning early. 

They're returning to the lakes & moors to the south of us for the summer, nesting, breeding, hatching & nurturing a further generation to form up & fly east again this Autumn. 

Another years cycle of life.

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