Apr 23rd

From: The Daily Mash

By Colin L

President Obama speaks at the Chiefs Of Missions Conference at the State Department, Washington D.C., America - 14 Mar 2016

PRESIDENT Barack Obama has enjoyed learning about Boris Johnson.

Obama became aware of the child mayor of London this morning after Johnson suggested the two-term President of the United States was just an angry African who knew nothing about global politics.

As Obama arrived in the UK, a White House spokesman said: “The President was told that while Mr Johnson is a popular English politician, his popularity is based on people laughing at him, not with him.

“After relating Mr Johnson’s colourful personal history, including the Bullingdon Club and the extra-marital affair, the President’s advisers then described Mr Johnson’s general appearance and the way he talks.

“The President found all of this highly amusing, particularly the idea that Mr Johnson is the favourite to succeed Prime Minister Cameron.”

The spokesman added: “The President chuckled and said that Britain had become ‘kind of embarrassing’. He then moved on to more important matters, including how he plans to annoy Prince Philip this evening.”

Sep 9th

From: News Biscuit

By Colin L

‘I always thought Corbyn right for leader’ says ex-critic looking for job

‘Perhaps in the heat of the moment my saying civilisation would end if he became leader was a little hasty and that my saying anyone who voted for him was a moron was misquoted and out of context.


Actually some of my friends are raving lefty loonies, er – I mean principled comrades. And although I supported everything Tony Blair did, I feel we can put differences aside and that if called upon I can work together with Caliph Corbyn, er – I mean Leader Corbyn, to build a high tax, union ruled, nuclear disarmed, terrorist loving, wiping Israel off the map kind of country.


And here is my CV with a covering letter.’

Aug 20th

Lottery scam

By Ann R

Just noticed this in the local paper so thought I would make people aware.

Fake lottery letters are being sent out to people saying that it is from the Postcode Lottery, Bressenden Place, London and that the recipient has won £825,000.

But to collect the money it says a processing fee needs to be paid.

The letter also warns to keep it a secret and says if the recipient doesn't respond quickly, they won't be able to claim their winnings.


Nov 27th


By Chrystie M
I expect a lot of us saw the prpgramme where it was showing how many young children, put batteries like coins in their mouths and swallow them.  If the batteries are still alive, the thing which usually sticks in their throat or just below, sticks and it burns , sometimes causing the child to die and in awful pain.  They were saying with all these gadgets lying around these days, batteries are everywhere and I think they were saying that there should be some cover over them   - something or other.
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