Jan 26th

Elder Research - your help requested

By Mary B



I have a favour to ask you. My name is Beth Harrison and as part of my doctorate in Forensic Psychology at The University of Nottingham, I am completing some research in order to understand more about adult experiences of interpersonal conflicts and negative experiences throughout their lifetime. The research includes questionnaires regarding experiences of interpersonal conflict and negative experiences, and the possible ways in which people may respond to these. The questionnaire should take around 15-20 minutes to complete.


I am looking for both males and females over the age of 60 from the general public to take part to help understand people’s experience of interpersonal conflict and negative experiences – I hope that you are able to help.


The research can be completed online and can be done at your own convenience and at home. My supervisors are Dr Shihning Chou and Dr Miriam Stanyon who are also part of the University of Nottingham.


If you would like to help, further details regarding what the research involves and consent can be found within the link below. Simply click the link or copy and paste the link into a new browser.


Open survey page


Thank you in advance for your time – I really appreciate your help!


Have a nice day!



Oct 20th

Calling all DropBy Members - Research Help Required for UCL

By Mary B

We have been asked to help University College London with some of their research.....by completing a short online survey. We are delighted to be able to help.....


Are you aged 60 years and over?

Are you currently experiencing difficulties with generalised anxiety disorder or long-term worrying?

If the answer is yes then we would like to hear from you.

We have developed a short survey that will ask you about what types of treatment you have been offered for generalised anxiety disorder or long-term worrying and how well this has worked for you.

This should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

If you are interested in taking part then please go to:


Apr 16th

From: News Thump

By Colin L

Climate change sceptics to start denying ‘existence of moon’


Climate change deniers

Senior climate change sceptics have announced their intention to start denying the existence of the moon.

“It’s about broadening our portfolio of really good ideas,” announced Simon Williams who has a doctorate in Climateopathy, which he downloaded from the internet for 50p one Sunday afternoon when it was raining.

“The evidence that we’re morons and just plain wrong has been building for some time now. Which has been fabulous in terms of growing our business.

“But going forward, we have to think how we can compete with the growth of lunatic ideas in other sectors.

“I mean hats off to the Anti-Vaxxers for instance. The work they’re doing in giving measles a chance to spread is fantastic. It’s just a shame Smallpox was eradicated before they had a chance to do some real harm.”

NASA scientists were amongst the many to react tiredly to the announcement. “The moon? But it’s there. It just is. How the hell can they deny that?”

But Simon Williams was unperturbed. “I can think of literally loads of books from before the 20th century which don’t mention the moon at all,” he said.

“And if that doesn’t prove the moon’s a recent cultural invention, then maybe I just have no clue whatsoever about the nature of evidence or scientific enquiry.”

NB:  Expletives Deleted

Mar 13th

Universe May Split

By Colin L

Universe May Split As Time Travelers Converge in Chicago

Earlier a large group of independent time travelers appeared at a political rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago, leaving many investors in the universe wondering if a split could be in the future. Splits are maneuvers where a company or universe increases the number of shares or universes outstanding – as a way to lower the per-share stock price, or ridiculousness of the universe. A company will split its stock as a way to encourage investors to get in at a perceived lower price, while a time traveler will split the universe as a part of an attempt to rid the world of some stupid asshat who’s ruined the future.

Time will tell why so many people from so many periods saw fit to arrive at once, but judging by their actions at the packed arena they are possibly trying to stop a mad lunatic from gaining control of the country. According to market experts, one thing they won’t be able to stop is the inevitable split of the universe into hundreds of parallel entities which may grow even more outlandish.

“We’re looking at hundreds of time travelers in the same place at the same time,” says market analyst and time travel expert Conner Johnson, “There’s no way a major split isn’t in our future, and that’s great news for universe speculators! An investor in the universe technically doesn’t gain anything when the universe splits, but it’s psychological. With more universes there’s more chance for greater levels of stupid BS. We could be seeing significant growth.”

While it appears the lunatic canceled the event, the mere fact these travelers were in the same room together has likely already spun us into a parallel universe where said lunatic wears a stupid red hat everywhere.

Sep 4th

From: The Daily Mash

By Colin L

Google rendered unusable after font change



SEARCH engine Google has been abandoned by users unable to decipher its new logo.

Computers have been hurled out of windows in confusion and anger, with many people rejecting modern life altogether and choosing to live in a cave.

Google fan Nikki Hollis said: “I wanted to look up what my opinion on Taylor Swift was meant to be today but instead of my Google homepage I was met with these strange, menacing hieroglyphs.

“I haven’t been home since but I imagine they’re still there on my computer screen, glowing with unfathomable, arcane menace. I don’t know what I’m meant to do now.

“Ask Jeeves? You ask ruddy Jeeves.”

Cryptologists have warned the series of curves and colours may represent an ancient Mayan curse, and if enough people try to utter its message it could invoke The Unnamed One into being.

Hollis added: “Why can’t we have winsome cartoons about artists I’ve never heard of? Where was the harm in that?”

Jul 27th

The BBC Calling - your chance to be on TV - and promote DropBy!

By Mary B

Dr Chris van Tulleken invites you to take part in a science demonstration for a new BBC series to be broadcast on BBC One.

Working with scientists from King’s College London, the BBC is looking for people over 60 from the London area to take part in a demonstration of how non-strenuous physical activity can benefit our cognitive health (such as our memory and ability to solve problems) in older age.

We want to see how a 10-week program of manageable, fun and surprising physical activity can improve cognition and brain health.

If you are over 60 and don’t currently take part in regular exercise but would like to find out how small changes could benefit your brain, then we would love to hear from you!

To find out more and to apply please email: Sheena.lahive01@bbc.co.uk  Or call: 0141 422 6150 (standard geographic charges from landlines and mobiles will apply)

Ideally we would like to hear from people by Thursday 30th July


To be considered please make sure you meet the following criteria:

                   Aged 60 or over (no upper age limit)

                   Have no major pre-existing health conditions or mobility limitations

                   Feel fit and able to participate in regular, but manageable, physical activity sessions

                   Available to commit to regular activity sessions from start of August for a 10-week period   

                   Are able to travel to regular training sessions to be held in London for a 10-week period.


                   Are willing to be filmed and feature on television

Jul 22nd

A study to explore relationships between leisure occupations and self-perceived quality of sleep in older adults

By Mary B

Help required for a new study.


Hello everyone,


My name is Jonathan and I’m currently studying for my Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy at Coventry University in Coventry, England. As part of my degree I am doing a research project and am looking for older adults to complete an online survey for this project.


To participate in the study, you must be aged 65 or older, be from an English speaking country and be physically and emotionally healthy.


The survey aims to see whether there is a relationship between the leisure activities that older adults do, the perceived quality of sleep that they receive and the quality of life that they have. The survey has 4 different parts and should not take you more than 15 minutes to complete. The study may benefit occupational therapists in the future by helping understand which occupations can promote better perceived quality of seep and whether quality of life is a factor in this.


If you choose to take part in this study and then change your mind, you are free to withdraw up to one week after contributing data by contacting the researcher, and all of your information and answers will be removed from the study.


Should you have any questions or concerns about this study then please don’t hesitate to contact me or my research supervisor.

My e-mail address is riddlej@uni.coventry.ac.uk and my research supervisor is Dr Tanya Rihtman, her e-mail address is ab4236@coventry.ac.uk.


Thank you for reading



The link for my survey is: https://coventry.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/a-study-to-explore-relationships-between-leisure-occupatio

Apr 2nd

Missing Maps

By Geoff J

Going mapping this evening.

Will download an aerial photograph from a satellite of say, an area with town and villages in Africa.

Using special programmes, will then outine by digital pen the rivers, roads, main buildings and other buildings. The programmes enable me to add notes, queries or doubt(s) of my interpretation(s), etc etc. 

Missing Maps is is a scheme which enables ordinary folk to make maps with others - the maps are then used by aid agencies, eg International Red Cross, to deal with emergencies in areas where hitherto no maps exist. 

Some maps are created whilst emergency operations are in hand: other maps are worked on in anticipation of the likelihood of a typhoon, earthquake, tsunami etc.

At the moment about 950 projects are underway in many parts of the world. Several thousand volunteers are members and make themselves available when they are able to work on one of the various places needing a map.

When a call goes out for help from an aid agency several dozen volunteers may be working on their "locked" exclusive zone of the affected disaster zone - so as to get the maps ready in "double time".

Typically the map is available as soon as it has been prepared, checked and authenicated (all online). Later if time permits it will be checked on the ground but often, I am guessing, in an emergency any map is better than none.

An example given to me was as follows: a local resident walks into a aid hospital with symptoms of ebola. He says he walked from a village to the north half a day away. If there is no map the aid agency cannot know which village.

I guess the agency put out a call for a map and say 40 volunteers get busy in 40 zones to the north. They quickly spot the roads and bridges over rivers and the say 10 villages through which the man walked. Need I say more ...?

Mar 3rd

Perception of personality, using music - please help a psychology student in Glasgow

By Mary B


My name is Emma Howie and I am a student studying psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University. I am conducting a study to fulfil the requirements of my fourth year empirical project.  The study concerns the perception of personality, using music as a predicting factor. I am looking for participants who are aged 60 and over to take part.  I would be very grateful if you would be willing to take part in my study. 

If you are interested, please click on the link below which will take you to my survey.  If you do so, you will have the chance to find out more about the study before coming to any decision.

You would be under no obligation to take part after you have read about the study. 


Click to go to the Survey


My study is supervised by Dr Lesley-Anne MacRae and she can be contacted on L.MacRae@gcu.ac.uk.  The use of DropBy to recruit participants for this study has been approved by the Psychology Ethics Subcommittee.


Names and email addresses


Emma Howie       ehowie200@caledonian.ac.uk
Dr Lesley-Anne MacRae   L.MacRae@gcu.ac.uk

Feb 2nd

Walking in groups can lead to a reduced risk of life-threatening conditions

By Mary B
Risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, depression and other life-threatening conditions can be reduced through regular outdoor walking in groups, according to research from the University of East Anglia (UEA).

Findings published today in the British Journal of Sports Medicine reveal that people who regularly walk in groups have lower blood pressure, resting heart rate and total cholesterol. The exercise also leads to a reduction in body fat and Body Mass Index (BMI).

In England, at least 29 per cent of adults do less than 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every week. Almost one in 10 don’t manage to walk for more than five minutes at a time over a month.

Researchers say the findings point to a cost-effective and low-risk way of enhancing overall health. Doctors should recommend joining a walking group as a way of boosting health, researchers added.

The study was led by postgraduate researcher Sarah Hanson and Professor Andy Jones of UEA’s Norwich Medical School. It reveals that people who regularly walk in groups experience a positive effect on levels of fitness, weight loss, blood pressure and cholesterol.

The research was supported by the Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR) with participants from 14 different countries, some of whom had long-term conditions such as arthritis, dementia, diabetes, fibromyalgia, obesity, mental health issues and Parkinson’s disease.

Sarah Hanson says: “Our research shows that joining a walking group is one of the best and easiest ways to boost overall health. The benefits are wide ranging and they go above and beyond making people more physically active. What’s more, people find it relatively easy to stick with this type of exercise regime.”

For further details please refer to the UEA website:
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