Jan 6th

Epiphany 10 facts.



Ten facts about the Feast of the Epiphany

  1. 1.The three Kings (Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar) represented Europe, Arabia and Africa respectively.
  2. 2.Hundreds of years ago, roast lamb was traditionally served at Epiphany in honour of Christ and the three Kings' visit.
  3. 3.Whoever finds the small statue of a baby Jesus hidden inside their slice of the Rosca de reyes throws a party on Candlemas in February.
  4. 4.In some European countries, children leave their shoes out the night before to be filled with gifts, while others leave straw for the three Kings' horses.
  5. 5.According to Greek Orthodox Church's traditions, a priest will bless the waters by throwing a cross into it as worshippers try to retrieve it.
  6. 6.In Bulgaria too, Eastern Orthodox priests throw a cross in the sea and the men dive in - competing to get to it first.
  7. 7.In Venice a traditional regatta that started as a joke in the late 1970s has been incorporated in the celebrations of Epiphany Day.
  8. 8.In Prague, there is a traditional Three Kings swim to commemorate Epiphany Day at the Vltava River.
  9. 9.In New York, El Museo del Barrio has celebrated and promoted the Three Kings' Day tradition with an annual parade for more than three decades. Thousands take part in the procession featuring camels, colorful puppets and floats.
  10. 10.The day's activities involve singing holiday carols called aguinaldos.


Epiphany also means.....'A moment of sudden great revelation or realisation'.

May 30th

Common Sense.

By Bill W

I heard this poem many years ago on a radio station and I recorded it onto a cassette tape, I recently played the tape and heard the poem again, so I contacted the radio station asking if they had a copy in print, they duly obliged. Not only is it a very good poem, but the message conveyed is so very true as well. Perhaps our schools should add 'Common Sense' to the curriculum.





Common Sense


When trouble looms around you and danger lies ahead;

When your faith is almost shattered and your hopes are nearly dead,

There is always something left you - and it's not a mere pretence,

View your difficulties calmly - and use your common sense.


When there's talk of strife and danger and rumours fill the air,

When the facts are so distorted, that your views become unfair,

When mere trifles get so magnified until they seem immense,

Just forget your party politics - and use your common sense.


Other folks have got their troubles and they've got their point of view;

And it's not in human nature - all to think the same as you,

Try to see things from their angle - "Listen in" to their defence,

And you'll come to some agreement - if you use your common sense.


Though we're given brains and judgement - quite a few of us I guess;

Let others do our thinking - with borrowed views impress,

Many other thoughtless people - in this consequence,

Believe the things they wouldn't - if they'd use their common sense.


The world was in a turmoil, tempers frayed and feeling sore;

Because a difference of opinion had been pushed right to the fore,

And had grown with each repeating - till it seemed a great offence,

When it would hardly have been noticed - if we'd used our common sense.


Now the clouds have all departed - and there's brightness in the air,

And once again instead of strife - there's gladness everywhere,

Now the gloom of yesterday has gone - the feeling of suspense,

It's because when things looked hopeless - SOMEONE USED HIS COMMON SENSE


And if we don't see eye to eye, that's really no excuse;

To sacrifice our dignity and indulge in cheap abuse,

That's never very clever and is merely a pretence,

To camouflage our smallness and our lack of common sense.



Oh yes......I do like that.







May 13th

From: The Daily Mash

By Colin L


BREAKFAST is the least important meal of the day, it has been confirmed.

The morning meal has enjoyed artificially elevated status due to efficient PR spin, but can be easily skipped because it is largely pointless.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “The most important meals of the day are, funnily enough, lunch and dinner. You know, actual meals

“Not a piece of hot bread or some bits of wheat with milk inexplicably poured onto them.”

Until the early 1990s, breakfast was widely accepted to be just something to do while reading the paper in the morning.

It was considered inferior to elevenses, a mid-afternoon snack and a midnight feast, which prompted a radical re-think of its marketing strategy.

PR executive Julian Cook said: “My company came up with the slogan: ‘the most important meal of the day’ but it was based on absolutely no solid facts, so we never thought anyone would buy it.

“We were staggered when people started parroting the phrase idiotically as if it were some kind of divine wisdom. It’s a piece of toast, for heaven’s sake.”

May 2nd

Bring back our Lav's and I'll vote for you.

By Bill W

I must have one of those faces that political canvassers and survey people hone-in on. I've just got back from the shops, where I was accosted by two groups of people with colourful rossettes, wanting to know which way I would vote in the local elections and the coming referendum. I asked them, "If I vote for you, will you promise to restore 'Public Toilets' to all towns and villages, as I've had some very traumatic times trying to find them on my travels?" Needless to say, I never got any such assurances. Us blokes (though it's wrong, but needs must) can nip into a shrubery for an urgent wee, but it must be more of a nightmare for the ladies. We get all the usual excuses that the toilets are too expensive to maintain, and vandalism is another problem, I don't accept these glib responses, after all, in the 1940s and 1950s when Britain was up to it's eyes in debt paying off War Loans to America, we had public toilets galore, and kept clean and tidy, so if we are to believe that Britain is the 6th richest nation in the world, why then can we not afford basic facilities for our people. Politicians should bow their heads in shame. Rant over....going for a pee. Ha ha.

Feb 22nd

Cheese triggers the same part of the brain as hard drugs, say scientists

By Colin L


Cheese triggers the same part of the brain as hard drugs, say scientists


Hooked on cheese? There’s science behind your addiction



Wedges of cheddar cheese Getty


If you regularly find yourself hovering around the cheese board at the Christmas dinner table, helping yourself to seconds or thirds, there may be a scientific explanation as to why you’re unable to tear yourself away. 


Researchers from the University of Michigan have revealed that cheese contains a chemical found in addictive drugs.


Using the Yale Food Addiction Scale, designed to measure a person’s cravings, the study found that cheese is particularly moreish because it contains casein. 


The chemical, which is found in all dairy products, can trigger the brain’s opioid receptors, producing a feeling of euphoria linked to those of hard drug addiction. 


500 students were asked to complete a questionnaire to identify food cravings, as part of the study, with pizza topping the list as the most addictive food of all.


In addition, they found that the top-ranking foods on the addiction scale were those containing cheese. 


Scientists studying dairy products found that in milk, casein has a minuscule dosage. But producing a pound of cheese requires about 10 pounds of milk — with addictive casein coagulating the solid milk fats and separating them from the liquids.


As a result the super-strength chemical becomes concentrated when in solid dairy form, so you’ll get a higher hit of addictive casein by tucking into a cheese sandwich than you will in your morning bowl of cereal.

Dec 29th

So Quiet.

By phillip J W

Incredibly quiet round here this week.  I just can't imagen where everyone is. Surely I'm not the only one bored with the Razamataz of modern Christmas, who is looking forward to plain ordinery every day Early Spring?

Once the carols have been sung, the gifts have been given & a celibratery meal has been shared, what more is there?

Surelly not "Winter Sales?"  

Anyway, what ever the reason for the desided hush, I thought I should pop-in to show the flag, stoke-up the fire a bit & fill the kettle, just incase people are around but not wanting to make a first move, like!

Dec 26th


By phillip J W

May you all enjoy a safe, happy & healthy 2016.

Dec 17th

Biddy in Space


I've decided to put my name forward

For a very important position

My aim is but one, which will be so much fun

The next International Space Mission


If I could be fast-tracked for Christmas

The launch taking place Christmas Eve

With toothbrush in pocket I'll climb into rocket

And wave to the crowd as I leave


I'm taking my Mum and my Sister

Their ashes will blast off with me

Two stars will shine bright to remind me each night

That their love is forever with me


As countdown approaches I'm checking

That all dials are well synchronised

From 10 down to 1 the countdown's begun

Lift off.....and I reach for the skies


With tailwind the journey six hours

I'm glad I have got a packed lunch

There were quarrels and quibbles about taking my nibbles

But I insisted on something to munch


On the way I peer out of the window

See a fat man, eight reindeer one sleigh

It's Santa I shout, of that I've no doubt

His white beard the big giveaway


As we get closer to docking

I see a pure white smiling face

With eyes made from coal, on his way to North Pole

The Snowman and boy fly through space


The docking has proved problematic

I had to take over control

But now safely docked and with hatches unlocked

I'm ready to rock and to roll


I hastily put on some lip-gloss 

And a whole pot of 'Wrinklegone' cream

But a bump to my head as I fall out of bed

Wakes me up........it has all been a dream.


(c) LJE



Feb 17th


By vivien p
a good garlic is always bigger than the wee ones you get in the supermarket.
one little clove should be enough to swamp any dish with cuddlesome flavour and remember the dish forever.

the little cloves you get now, sometimes trapped in a net with one or two others going cheap, i have to use a whole bulb to exact the same intensity
of strength.

i cant get enough of the stuff.  boil it, bake it, how you will, i know my breath stinks as the dogs fall over sideways when arriving at my knee due to fondness.

but, living alone has its advantages, or having a garlic loving friend, and my sense of smell isnt too good anyway, garlic is here to stay in my life, anyone who says it isnt, will be marched off the premises, toot sweet.

roasted garlic till it is tender, is a little parcel made in heaven.  aromatic and sweet, melt in the mouth what more could you ask for.  i could eat it on its own, lots of it

but it has to be big.   titchy garlic gets you nowhere.

i bought some wonderful bulbs some time back last summer and one bulb lasted me a few weeks.  value for money, under one little papery skin.

aroma and flavour.  enough to make your eyes water and the welkin ring.

if youve got any to spare, i joined the garlic appreciation society a long time ago, i live over this way.  now dont be mean, i know youve been eating some i can smell it from here, you rascal you. 

hand it over, im a desperate woman.
Feb 17th


By vivien p
remember the ad for the chocolates, where the man sneaks into the room of his darling, after shinning up a drainpipe,  to leave a box.  well, nothing like that ever happens to me, but i still like chocolates. 

im a stickler for really nice chocolates if i can get them, but they are as rare as hens teeth these days.  now you may say that oh, yes, there are nice hand made ones about, but are they.  i have looked into this topic pretty carefully, and have been lured by the sight of prettily laid out ones, emitting little beacons to me across a crowded street, only to discover when i was trapped by gluttony in the shops dim interior, that they are mass produced.

i bought some years ago when they set up a shop in the towns street, and went every week just to buy two, they were expensive.  i  have very few what you might call vices but this is one.  i must have proper chocolates.

cadbury make some very nice chocolate, but although i buy it for comsumption off the premises in the privacy of my own home, it burns the back of my throat, with whatever they put in there.

and where oh where, can you buy a white pharoahs head, with the lightest softest mousse laced with champagne, and melting in the mouth at first touch.

i have tried many varieties, mostly recommendations, and some i have discovered myself, and found them disappointing.  not enough to go back for and buy to take home and gloat.

no, this is my dream, a proper chocolate.  nothing short of perfection will do.  i put up with enough shortages in my life, and it is a way of life, so when i have a longing, i like it to be real good.

i cant afford a lot, i just buy maybe two and make em last.

after all, if we go on the premise you get what you pay for, i pay a lot and get pure luxury. well, thats the theory.  there are a lot of chocolates posing under the name hand made out there and you have to learn to skilfully avoid disaster in melting form. 

and once you get on a computer, just by making an enquiry, you are there for life and get bombarded with unwanted literature.  it goes in the bin!

so.  i  make my own from time to time, but i dream of finding a shop somewhere, that confesses to be a real hand made emporium, with the real mccoy proper chocolates.

well, i can dream cant i, you gotta have a dream, if you dont have a dream, then how you gonna make your dreams come true.

chocolate heaven, aaahhhhhh.......

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