A Young Boy's Dreams - especially for Mary B

Published by: Christine B on 6th Feb 2018 | View all blogs by Christine B

Once upon a time, too many years ago to mention, a baby boy was born. As he developed, it transpired that he had inherited a disability from his Mum.  This has meant that he cannot walk properly so spends a lot of time in a wheelchair.

He was always an energetic and happy child, and had visions for his future.  He wanted to be a sound engineer, and he qualified but sadly sound engineer jobs are often in small confined spaces in theatres, so that career died.:-(

While he was at college, again, many years ago, he met his girlfriend, who has stayed loyally by his side through thick and thin.

But he was unhappy with his housing.  His Dad, being the generous sort and wanting the best for his son, bought him his first house:

He and his girlfriend (who had both converted to being strict vegans), were happy at first - they had a large garden and the boy (now a man), experimented with gardening techniques.  Sadly, a few jealous neighbours spoilt things for them, so, with heavy hearts they put the house on the market.

Once the house had been sold, they upped sticks, put all their bulky belongings in storage, and started searching for land far removed from neighbours and with lots of land.  They searched in England, Wales, Ireland and even France, but they eventually happened on a "property" in the far north east of Scotland.  This "property" was a dilapidated croft building, set in 18 acres of land.  This was just over 2 years ago.

As they did not have a habitable house, they bought a static caravan to live in, and work started in earnest.  The land had not been tended for several years, and, despite being confined to a wheelchair, the boy, with his girlfriend's help, started to clear the land - he then went on to build a road so that supplies could be delivered to him.

Just over 2 years on, they are now talking in earnest about firstly rebuilding the croft and starting a business as "crofters" - except that, instead of being traditional Scottish crofters farming sheep or other animals, they will be growing organic, vegan friendly crops - soya beans to eat and to express soya milk from - all sorts of organic fruit and vegetables, with the aim of selling them to any wholesalers that will strike a deal with them!

So here we are today - the boy has become a man, will in time marry his girlfriend and hopefully bloom a business - and because they have their own space, in the wilds of the North East coast of Scotland, they have never been happier in their lives.

Now, to see a few photos, head over to my photo page.....

Christine B - for Mary B!



  • Christine B
    by Christine B 6 months ago
    They certainly did Jackie - he is as happy as a sand boy now - and engaged to be married - one day!
  • Jackie H
    by Jackie H 6 months ago
    There is a lot to be said for " following ones dreams..." and it was all down to the " few jealous neighbours..." unintentionally - unwittingly, they done a good turn for your boy Christine...With the help of neighbours unfriendliness, your boy and his lady partner moved on to better pastures...
  • Ann R
    by Ann R 6 months ago
    A lesson to be learned - follow your dreams (if you can).
  • Maureen W
    by Maureen W 6 months ago
    So heart warming to hear this and inspiring too. Being vegan helps, we have a grandson who is vegan by choice although he bends to veggie when travelling. He is a musician but to fund himself he did heavy manual work. A good present would be Engevita yeast flakes with added B12. It is vegan and has a nutty cheesy taste. Mind you they probably know about that.
  • Sandy H
    by Sandy H 6 months ago
    I absolutely loved reading your blog Christine, there is so much to gain strength from pure devotion and the will to make the best out life that we can. I wish this amazing couple a future filled with all their hearts desire...:)
  • Mary B
    by Mary B 6 months ago
    What a wonderful real life story Christine. 'Where there's a will there's a way' it is said, and it seems that your stepson and his fiancée are proving exactly that. I love the idea of 'blooming a business' and I wish them every success. The pictures help to illustrate what a tough job they have taken on. Do keep us all updated on their progress as it's not only me who has shown an interest in this project - but thank you so much for writing such a fascinating blog - just for me :)
  • LJ E
    by LJ E 6 months ago
    I take my hat off to this young man and his partner.....How wonderful they have found their little piece of paradise.
    A very inspirational story....thank you.
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