Glad Of These Times by Helen Dunmore

Published by: Mary B on 2nd Jan 2018 | View all blogs by Mary B

Glad Of These Times


Driving along the motorway

swerving the packed lanes

I am glad of these times.

Because I did not die in childbirth

because my children will survive me

I am glad of these times.


I am not hungry, I do not curtsey,

I lock my door with my own key

and I am glad of these times,


glad of central heating and cable TV

glad of email and keyhole surgery

glad of power showers and washing machines,


glad of polio inoculations

glad of three weeks' paid holiday

glad of smart cards and cash-back,


glad of twenty types of yoghurt

glad of cheap flights to Prague

glad that I work.


I do not breathe pure air or walk green lanes,

see darkness, hear silence,

make music, tell stories,


tend the dead in their dying

tend the new-born in their birthing,

tend the fire in its breathing,


but I am glad of my times,

these times, the age

we feel in our bones, our rage


of tyre music, speed

annulling the peasant graves

of all my ancestors,


glad of my hands on the wheel

and the cloud of grit as it rises

where JCBs move motherly

widening the packed motorway.



  • josee  a
    by josee a 6 months ago
    Just read this, Mary. I guess there are always pros & cons whichever age we are living in.
    Personally I miss poking the fire & sitting in front of it & getting mottled legs! Could do without the tyre music though,but I am thankful of driving to the supermarket & not carrying the shopping. Can't have it all ways can we?
  • Mary B
    by Mary B 6 months ago
    I think you are right Josee - there's always pros and cons relating to every age, and we certainly can't it all ways..... :)
  • Bill W
    by Bill W 6 months ago
    I enjoyed that Mary, thank you.

    I'll be glad when all motor vehicles are electric

    and fewer on the roads making it much less hectic

    I'll be glad when the plastic mountains have expired

    then I'll join Josee, and sit by the fire
  • Jackie H
    by Jackie H 6 months ago
    Bill yes electric cars but, they do or will have one disadvantage...the deaf and the blind wont see or hear them...
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