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Published by: Mary B on 28th Apr 2018 | View all blogs by Mary B

I posted this as a global message about two weeks ago but I am still finding members who are not aware of the situation relating to DropBy, so I thought I had better add it as a blog.


Update on DropBy


After six weeks of intermittent correspondence with our hosting and support company I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that they are not able, or are not willing, to reinstate my profile and all of my postings going back over the 8 years that DropBy has existed. This is of great sadness to me, as you may well imagine.

I have set up another profile for myself but no profile now has network ownership access rights. Without this I am limited in what I am able to do.

Since December last year there have been issues with my access to the control panel from where I was able to amend the text and layout of the website. As I have said before, the DropBy platform is now 10 years old, and DropBy has been going for eight of those years. It has been a wonderful experience for many of us.

The platform is no longer being supported, and it is now obvious that the support team no longer has the expertise to reinstate members or help me with the issues that I have faced for several weeks. They have also made it clear that there is no option to replicate the website on a more modern platform. In short, we are facing the end of an era.

To add to the issues that relate to the ageing platform and the unresponsive and unhelpful hosting company, I have also to consider our position when new legislation comes into effect on the 25th May 2018. This is the European Union General Data Protection Regulation and it changes the way that organisations are able to use the data they collect. It is a very positive step as far as our personal data is concerned, and I am supportive of the measure. However DropBy is hosted by a company who are not GDPR compliant, and they do not intend to become complaint as far as our old platform is concerned. They are offering a new platform, but I have tested this  and it is little more than a paid version of WhatsApp and I am not even sure this new platform is GDPR compliant.

It is therefore, with much reget that I have to inform you that I have requested that DropBy be taken off line on Monday 21st May 2018. You can imagine how difficult I found that decision, but I fear I have no option in light of the new legislation and all our technical issues.

Please use the next five weeks to ensure that you have taken copies of material from DropBy that you would like to keep. Please recognise the copyright of any material that is owned by others. Please also use this time to make sure you have the contact details of your friends on DropBy so you can be "Always In Touch".

So, a chapter comes to an end. It is sad, but what I feel we must always remember is the fun, the pleasure and friendship that those of us who truly became engaged with DropBy enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy if so desired.

There are still options to be explored. I am in touch with the University of Surrey to see if they can help with technical advice and volunteers. However any new development will take some months so there will be a time when there will be no DropBy.

There are many other forums to be enjoyed. They are all different. DropBy was unique, thanks to it's members, but I am sure members will be able to find somewhere else to go to make friends, if that is what they want.

I think it is important to be grateful for the time we had together on DropBy, and to look forward with hope and optimism - and to continue to send virtual waves whenever we can!

I would like to thank you all for joining DropBy, your support, and in many cases your friendship and kind words.

At the end of the day what we all desire is just a friendly word of cheer and kindness, as it is that which keeps us and the world going.

I shall continue to work to see what can be done to keep DropBy alive. I intend to continue to own the domain name. I am always looking for people to work with in partnership to keep this idea going. Many have told me that I was ahead of the times...... and that DropBy is needed even more these days than when I first set it up, and our user figures from the last couple of months supports that view.

So prepare for the end of an era, but live in hope for something to spring from the ashes - who knows what might be possible.

In the meantime I have set up a Closed Group on Facebook for those members who use that platform. I know many of you would not consider using Facebook, and I quite understand your reluctance. However it has been suggested as an immediate and easy option, and is there to be used if required. It can be found at:

Sending a very big wave and a huge smile to last for a long time......




  • Maureen W
    by Maureen W 2 months ago
    Well, you know how I feel, good luck.
  • Jackie H
    by Jackie H 2 months ago
    Why do all good things come to an end?...
  • Maureen W
    by Maureen W 2 months ago
    Well I suppose it is the way of the world, change, change, change. There is a Chinese story of a farmer and his son who owned a beautiful stallion. The neighbours said how fortunate they were. The farmer said Well maybe or maybe not.
    The stallion escaped, the neighbours said how unlucky they were. The farmer said Maybe or maybe not.
    The stallion returned bring several wild mares, the neighbours said how fortunate they were. The farmer said Maybe or maybe not.
    The son broke his leg while training the mares, the neighbours dare how fortunate they were. The farmer said Maybe or maybe not.
    There was a war and the fit young men were taken by the army to fight. The neighbours wailed and said how fortunate they are. The farmer said Maybe or maybe not and so it goes on! Good night children, sleep tight!
  • Jackie H
    by Jackie H 2 months ago
    Keeping with the " Chinese " proverb I have not heard before yet is so very true.." There are two kinds of perfect people: those who are dead, and those who have not been born yet.."
  • Mary B
    by Mary B 2 months ago
    There are some deep philosophical thoughts going on here.....

    For what it's worth, I can say I have no interest in being perfect.
    What I have also learnt, as I grow older, is that wisdom does not come with age..... perhaps this is something for us to discuss... as we face the last three weeks of our community.
    What is age all about? Sadly we all have to face change, particularly as we grow older, and this includes good things coming to an end Jackie - it's what our 'end of life' phase is, perhaps, all about......and I guess it is hard for us all to accept..... I certainly know it is for me......but then none of us (given your Chinese proverb Jackie) is perfect.... :)
  • Mary B
    by Mary B 2 months ago
    Confucius: He say: "By gaining the people, the kingdom is gained; by losing the people, the kingdom is lost." Perhaps he predicted Social Media.....?
  • Jackie H
    by Jackie H 2 months ago
    Well I for sure, know I am not perfect, you see, I have always wanted to be different from the norm...I was never one to just go with the
  • Jackie H
    by Jackie H 2 months ago
    He also says..." our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall..." now that is an achievement if one can still do that...
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