Published by: phillip J W on 20th Jun 2017 | View all blogs by phillip J W

June seems to have been so very quiet on here - & yet I thought it was simply because I couldn't get on to say anything!  

Some time very early in the month I seemed to get myself locked out & have only just managed to get back in by changing my pass word.  

Technology has always managed to baffel me; usually because I posess a rather obscure logic, but having managed to sign-in again - as I say, no one apperes to be 'around to play.'  

Nice to know I can get back in though!



  • phillip J W
    by phillip J W 1 year ago
    Incidentally, I do hope everyone is well. xx
  • Mary B
    by Mary B 1 year ago
    Sorry to hear about your access issues Phillip, but I am very glad you have sorted them out now, and welcome back. It's very nice to hear from you again. June has been a rather strange time for us all - too many bad things happening in the world........
    I think many of us feel a little 'out of sorts' - and most of us are melting in this heat! But mostly we keep calm and carry on..... Sorry there wasn't anyone around to play when you popped in. I seem very busy with local projects these days that take me away from my computer and DropBy. Hope all is well with you and yours..... xx
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