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Man at Arms

What are you guarding, Man-at-Arms?

Why do you watch and wait?

'I guard the graves, said the Man-at-Arms

I guard the graves by Flanders farms

Where the dead wil rise at my call to arms,

And march to the Menin gate'.


'When do they march then,Man-at-Arms?

Cold is the hour-and late'

'They march tonight' said the Man-at-Arms'

With the moon on the Menin gate.

They march when the midnight bids them go.

With they're rifles slung and their pipes aglow,

Along the roads, the roads they know,

The roads to the Menin gate.


'What are they singing, Man-at-Arms,

As they march to the Menin gate?'

'The Marching songs', said the Man-at-Arms,

That let them laugh at fate.

No more will  the night be cold for them,

For the last tattoo has rolled for them, And their souls will sing as old for them, As they march to the Menin gate.





  • Mary B
    by Mary B 4 months ago
    Very moving Sandy. Thanks for posting...
  • Jackie H
    by Jackie H 4 months ago
    From Historian Simon Jones...

    " ‘Anon.’ no longer: the author of ‘Man at Arms’ revealed."

  • josee  a
    by josee a 4 months ago
    Like this poem, thanks.
  • Bill W
    by Bill W 4 months ago
    Read it twice, Sandy, really enjoyed it, even more the second time, thank you.
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