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In 1960 I applied for a job, but first had to pass a medical, which I did, and I remember when my height was measured, I stood 5ft-10inches tall. 

Recently, I went for a full check-up, and again my height was measured, only now, I'm only 5ft-8inches tall. 

When I told the nurse about this, she asked, "Do you take lots of hot baths?"

I replied that I did, that I like to soak for hours.

She laughingly said,"You must have shrunk."

Laughing with her, I joked, "There are a few parts of me that have shrunk too."


Have any of you reading this 'shrunk' over the years I wonder?



  • Jackie H
    by Jackie H 1 month ago
    Oh yes isn't this the norm Bill? the vanishing shrinkage...Like the U2 group....I'm looking here, I'm looking there, still havnt found what I'm looking for...all two plus inches of it...
  • Ann R
    by Ann R 1 month ago
    I have been 5' for years and was always able to wear M&S small length trousers. Tried some on a few weeks ago and they are about two or three inches too long. At this rate I will end up like a Hobbit (minus the hairy feet lol)
  • josee  a
    by josee a 1 month ago
    I have definitely shrunk Bill. When I was 15 I was 5ft 2ins, now at nearly 80 I'm about 4ft 10 or 11ins ( haven't measured for a long time), perhaps I've shrunk even more!
  • Jackie H
    by Jackie H 1 month ago
    Oh we are a group of shorties...I used to be 5 ft 3 & a 5 ft 1 & a half at my last count...
  • Christine B
    by Christine B 1 month ago
    Yes I have Bill, like about 99% of the older population - the reason is that as we age, the vertebral discs that sit between each vertebrae in your spine, shrink a little and also get a bit "harder", with the resultant odd "oohs and aahs" when you get up or sit down or stand up!! As they shrink then your spine starts to get a bit shorter and ergo your height diminishes as a result.

    I used to be 5ft 6in tall, but can barely reach 5ft 4in now and have to stand on tip toe to reach some of my kitchen shelves where they have never been a problem before.......
  • Bill W
    by Bill W 1 month ago
    Some years ago I went for physiotherapy, I was put onto a bed/table for 'traction' which straightens your spine, thus making you a bit taller. It must have worked because I had to duck when I went out through the doorway....ha ha ha
    Perhaps that's the answer, if we all get stretched out so that we are taller, we may look slimmer too......I'm booking an appointment tomorrow.....hja ha ha
  • Jackie H
    by Jackie H 1 month ago
    Would be a fantastic Idea Bill but, my spine ( spinal cord coating ) is already now damaged....too late for me to play this stretching game...I will just have to shrink like the rest of you...
  • LJ E
    by LJ E 26 days ago
    Can someone please explain.....I am getting shorter and surely it should then follow that I should be able to reach my feet more easily when putting my socks on.....if only!!.....:)))))
  • Bill W
    by Bill W 26 days ago
    Y'arms shrink too, LJ....ha ha ha
  • Jackie H
    by Jackie H 26 days ago
    LJ, yes using that logic but I also think if I am only 5ft and an inch and a bit, I should also only weigh 8 stone, but try telling that to my extra weight that wont leave me...
  • Maureen W
    by Maureen W 15 days ago
    I smiled today about your weight mine likes me too much too. Today the advice was no more than 2000 calories. I wish, that would be a feast for me.
    I was surprised when I sent off for a good pair of shoes in my normal size, my toes hurt. I went to be measured and I had gone up a size, I was told this was usual the ligaments stretch as we get older.
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