The Heat Of The Sun...

Published by: Jackie H on 8th Jul 2018 | View all blogs by Jackie H

The searing heat of the hot summer sun
shines down unforgivingly upon the baked earth.
Pervading stillness hangs like a heavy veil around us.
The heat slowing each and every living thing.
Flowers and shrubs begin to wilt, 
moisture being drawn from their cells
to evaporate in the sultry air. 

A heat haze hovers in the distance, 
shimmering and fuzzy, distorting the views.
Animals and humans desperately seeking shade
from the unrelenting power of the sun.
The sun that enables life to exist, 
giving life to each and every thing, 
can take life from us too.

Green leaves turning brown and crisp
when roots can no longer draw water from the soil.
When rivers and streams run dry from the scorching heat.
Then, the sun that was our friend becomes our foe.
Where have the rain clouds gone? 
We pray for their return to bring us rain
to save us from this drought. 

~ Author Jacqueline C Nash.



  • Maureen W
    by Maureen W 9 days ago
    That is so lovely Jackie, x
  • Mary B
    by Mary B 9 days ago
    What a lovely poem. So true. I wonder when she wrote this one? Thank you for sharing Jackie :)
  • Jackie H
    by Jackie H 9 days ago
    Biography of Jacqueline C Nash.....( I see she was born the same year as I was )

    Born in 1951 in Enfield, Middlesex and attended Edmonton Latymer Grammar School. The rest of her education took place at the University of Life.
    Throughout her working life she has had a vast number of interesting jobs and has recently retired so now has more time to pursue her writing.
    She has always loved being creative, enjoys making things or renovating items. She loves music, drawing, painting, reading and of course writing. She is inspired by nature and enjoys the garden and gardening. Jacqueline thinks that being creative is extremely important and believes that creativity feeds the soul.
    She has written a novel and a large number of poems. None of her writing has been published. She hasn't tried as yet to get any of her work published as she writes solely for the enjoyment of it and hopes to continue to write for many more years to come.
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