Then Laugh - by Bertha Adams Backus

Published by: Mary B on 25th Sep 2017 | View all blogs by Mary B

Then Laugh
by Bertha Adams Backus

Build for yourself a strong box,
Fashion each part with care;
When it's strong as your hand can make it,
Put all your troubles there;
Hide there all thought of your failures,
And each bitter cup that you quaff;
Lock all your heartaches within it,
Then sit on the lid and laugh.

Tell no one else its contents,
Never its secrets share;
When you've dropped in your care and worry
Keep them forever there;
Hide them from sight so completely
That the world will never dream half;
Fasten the strong box securely-
Then sit on the lid and laugh.



  • Mary B
    by Mary B 9 months ago
    Laughing is so important; but this poem has deeper sentiments which I thought were rather good for a wet Monday morning.....
  • Jackie H
    by Jackie H 9 months ago
    Mary, I have copied and pasted this and posted on my Christian forum...I know this will also be appreciated by my American friends...
  • Bill W
    by Bill W 9 months ago
    I'd 'duck-tape' all the joints just to be sure......
  • Mary B
    by Mary B 9 months ago
    So glad you find it useful Jackie, please share it with love from us all on DropBy. Your American friends may know her better than some of I don't think she is so well known here - and you may like to add Bill's advice to your posting.... ! :)
  • Sandy H
    by Sandy H 9 months ago
    Thank you Mary, such a brilliant poem....:)
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