Published by: Tony T on 17th Feb 2012 | View all blogs by Tony T
JUST WONDERED Who of you are over 65 and still working? I am both. If you are, why are you? Is it for the cash or do you, like me, NEED to get out and about?



  • Tony  T
    by Tony T 6 years ago
    What? None of you interested in the over retirement age people carrying on working?
  • Geoff J
    by Geoff J 6 years ago
    If any member is interested in getting back to work I recommend you join a Job Club. The website of GB Job Clubs contains a wealth of information. The local JC are likely to offer:
    1 career analysis
    2 work/lifestyle insights
    3 researching employers
    4 drafting CV(s) + covering letter(s)
    5 mock interviews
    6 preparing for the interview........etc
    Our local job club had a 20% to 25% known success rate in its first year - some reckon an 80% success.
    Starting your own business is an alternative which you may find for your mettle. The Job Club may help you with your thinking about the early stages - business plan, steps and procedures, getting training, understanding the law....etc.

    Our local job club has assisted in a small way at least three men and women ito get their businesses underway.
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