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Published by: Jane L on 17th Feb 2012 | View all blogs by Jane L
17 February, 2012 | By The Press Association

The risk of developing dementia or strokes in later life can be measured by conducting tests of physical ability in middle-aged people, according to US researchers. Experts led by Dr Eric Camargo of Boston Medical Center tested more than 2,400 with an average age of 62 over 11 years.
They were tested for walking speed, hand grip strength and mental function, and underwent brain scans.
Those with slower walking speeds tended to have a lower cerebral brain volume, leading to a poorer performance in memory, language and decision-making. The scientists concluded the slower walkers were one and a half times more likely to develop disorders such as Alzheimer’s over the age of 65. And they said those with a stronger grip had a 42% lower risk of stroke or mini-stroke, although the risk was not reduced at a younger age.
Stronger grip signified a larger total cerebral brain volume. Dr Camargo said: “These are basic office tests which can provide insight into risk of dementia and stroke and can be easily performed by a neurologist or general practitioner.” The research will be presented at the 64th annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology in News Orleans in April.



  • Mary B
    by Mary B 6 years ago
    Somehow these findings are not very surprising, but from tomorrow I'm going to start walking faster, (perhaps try Nordic Walking), do those squeezy exercises to strengthen my grip and play more of the games in the DropBy Games Room to keep my mental functions alert. Only time will tell if it helps or not!
  • Jane L
    by Jane L 6 years ago
    Good on you Mary. Have you tried the Fitflops for walking they have had a good effect on my muscles!!!!
  • Mary B
    by Mary B 6 years ago
    I haven't heard of Fitflops but they sound great! I will Google them for more info. Thanks.
  • vivien p
    by vivien p 5 years ago
    hmmm.... im not so sure they got it right. i am, and always have been a slow walker, but i have a higher iq. what are they using for their reasons i wonder.
  • Mary B
    by Mary B 5 years ago
    Vivien I suspect you would be the exception that proves the rule!!! :) :) xx
  • Geoff J
    by Geoff J 5 years ago
    When I learned in history that the Romans marched at X paces a minute, I adopted that pace but I can't remember very precisely what the pace should be. Was it 60 or 120 paces a minute? Did they have watches (not guards a'looking) to watch the time pass as they strode about Celtic Albion putting the natives down into theoir mines, etc?
  • vivien p
    by vivien p 5 years ago
    they just went sinister, dexter, sinister, dexter and marched till they stopped and thrashed their bare legs with stinging nettles, which they imported into this country, because it was so cold and keeping their legs stinging was the first invention of central heating!!!
    aaahhh...perfidious albion, when the romans left, they went back to their old ways quick enough. and they counted in x's too, strange beings!!!
  • vivien p
    by vivien p 5 years ago
    by the by, my mother was a skinny wench and had a high iq also, but went the way of all mortals with the beginnings of dementia just before she passed away. my father had it too. and my grandmother. i fear its just a break down of the system, in built in some families, dna not speed mechanics.xx
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