Welcome to DropBy - What does it mean to be a DropBy member?

General Background

DropBy is a community for the over 60s. Like all communities we are the sum of our parts. Every member is valued and encouraged to contribute. We want to build a friendly, caring and supportive online community where we can have some fun too. Members will find new friends, share ideas and interests, ask for help, and find ways to give support to one another. Sometimes just to know there are other members experiencing the same difficulties can be reassuring, and a few kind words of support can make all the difference. Never be embarrassed about asking for help, but always give support wherever you can. It's a give and take thing.

We are funded by the founder and have no particular political axe to grind. That said we believe our members could become an influencial force for improvement in how society deals with the current ageing population, which are our members! We should be very active when it comes to something we feel strongly about.

Getting Started - Profile Page

As a new member the first thing you should do is complete your profile page. You can say as much or as little about yourself as you want, but remember this is where other members first meet you. A profile picture helps but if you are concerned about that a picture of something that you like is good e.g. some flowers, a pet, a car, or a favourite place?

Do add a description about yourself and your interests as this allows other members to decide whether you have something in common.


Please tell us your nearest town in the location box, or at least the county in which you live. This helps everyone to search for members who are geographically near to them. This does not compromise your safety or security, but saying you live in Richmond or Guildford, Surrey, South Manchester or Gloucester places you in an area and allows other members from the same location to find you. 





Status Bar

The status bar is not being used by many members but when you change this it appears on the Latest Activity page so is a really good way to get everyone's attention. You don't have to tell us what you had for breakfast but it would be nice to know who is looking for local friends, who is going out for a walk, something about your day, or something along those lines.



Most importantly we want to see all members with at least 6 friends on this site. So if you don't have any friends (apart from MaryB, which doesn't count) then either search the members page to find others to ask to be your friend or ask your real friends to join up and become your friends on DropBy too. Just click on the 'Add to Friends' button on their profile page. You can send them a message or send them a Wave from here too.




When you are online you have a choice of Status to show. See image to the right.

You can always see who else is online too.

Please show yourself as 'Available' if you are happy for other members to contact you. You will have a green dot next to your name.

If you click on the person you want to contact, another box pops up showing their name and that they are Available. You don't have to invite them to a video link you can just chat to each other by writing text in the smaller box at the bottom and sending it by hitting the 'Enter' button.

If you know the person, or are feeling brave you can invite them to a video chat from here too. If I am online I love video chatting so please invite me! You do need a webcam for this.


The emphasis of this website is on interactions i.e. using the instant message or video facility shown above, or the chat rooms which you will find on the same bar on the left hand side of the page. But you can also send private messages to each other. This is easier when information on your profile page provides conversation starters for other like-minded members.



Uploading photos is fun and very easy. Go to the Add New panel on the left hand side of the page. Here you can start to add all the different media which can be shared on DropBy. Click on Photo


You are guided through a simple three step procedure enabling you to create an Album and share your photos with invited members, friends, or everyone - you choose and control who sees your photos. It really is simple and if you make a mistake there is always help at hand.


Another way of getting involved is to join some of the Groups which have been set up. Photos, music and videos can be uploaded and shared privately between group members. Although most groups are currently interest groups, this is a great function for families who want to share and interact online within a private, secure setting. 

You can always set up your own group but if you are a group leader you will need to work to encourage other members to join you. It is very easy to message all members of your group once it is set up and has some members.


Events work in the same way. Any member who knows of an event which might interest other members is encouraged to add it to the website. If it looks appealing you can show your interest in attending. This will enable DropBy members to visit events together. Although DropBy is a website we want to encourage interaction beyond the virtual and these events provide a great opportunity for members to do just that. 

Do report back on the fun you have had at such events. It would be great to see some photos uploaded of our members enjoying their time together.

We are planning some DropBy events, so keep watching the Events page for details.

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